We answer key questions about your current plan

There’s a reason you have your current group benefits plan in place, and there’s a reason why you’re looking to improve your plan with Blueprint.

To that end, we drill down to investigate key questions about what you currently have and what you really want when it comes to protecting your employees.

Budgetary considerations

Simply put, you may not be getting enough bang for your buck when it comes to your current plan, because:

  • Rates and premiums are too high
  • Coverage is not enough to meet your employee’s needs
  • Plan is too big/too small for your workforce
  • Your current plan is not scalable

As with most things, money and cost drive your decisions. We’ll ensure we leverage your full budget to deliver the right plan for your business.

Corporate philosophy

Aligning your benefit plans with your corporate philosophy is critical to ensure that your employees feel respected at all times:

  • Ensuring total compensation meets employee and corporate expectations
  • Decreasing employee turnover rates
  • Allowing your company to grow and move forward

By synchronizing your benefits package with your corporate philosophy with Blueprint, you create a united message that the business will take care of its employees, and encourage your workforce to do the same.

What matters to your employees

Knowing what matters to your employees as a whole can go a great way in determining how you can give them a protected future. Employee considerations we look for are:

  • Age and family status
  • Concerns regarding parental care
  • Health benefits required for the job

You treat your employees well through financial compensation. By listening to their concerns, you can also give them the respect they deserve through a group benefits plan.

Get to know other aspects of the Blueprint approach

The Blueprint approach is designed to deliver the best insurance plan for your business and employees.

Check out other aspects of the Blueprint approach:

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Our team of employee insurance experts have built customized benefits and insurance plans for individuals and organizations throughout Southern Ontario.

Plans which are strong and can grow with ever-changing needs.

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