A Blueprint made from internal strength to handle external challenges

Surrounding yourself with the best and brightest your industry has to offer – and then keeping them there – is paramount to helping your business grow and thrive.

A smart way to do that is to reward your top-level executives with benefits befitting their skills and experience.

Be prepared for the future

It is virtually impossible to predict what future challenges your modern business will face. Some unexpected elements which could threaten your business’ health include:

  • New challengers into your market
  • Loss of key executives
  • Government regulations

When concerning issues arise, you want to make sure your business – and key members of your executive team – is in good position to handle them.

Financial executive benefits from Blueprint are designed to offer uniquely customized, high-level protection to senior executives.

Reward your executives with benefits commensurate with experience

Just as group benefits can help attract and retain valuable employees, executive benefits can help keep your most trusted corporate members by your side.

By selecting the best of your group benefit coverage, Blueprint will leverage it to maximize the individual needs of each member of your corporate executive.

The objective is to ensure each member receives benefits equal to the skills they bring to your company.

Your business decides:

  • Who participates
  • Compensation for each participant
  • Total dollar commitment
  • Included benefit components

How your Blueprint comes to life

We take a detailed, three-step approach to take you all the way from planning to implementation and post-launch initiatives:



We’ll look at your current plan to identify areas of opportunity.

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We’ll tell you what’s possible in order to meet your benefit needs.

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We’ll make sure your new Blueprint plan is implemented smoothly.

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Build your blueprint with Blueprint

Our team of employee insurance experts have built customized benefits and insurance plans for individuals and organizations throughout Southern Ontario.

Plans which are strong and can grow with ever-changing needs.

We can do the same for you. Developing your blueprint starts with a conversation.

Contact us today to book your Blueprint discovery meeting.